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David Shorenstein


Alongside a stellar career in real estate, David Shorenstein is personally driven by philanthropy and helping those who need it most in a way that will benefit them the greatest.

As his career in real estate developed and his ability to offer philanthropic aid grew, David Shorenstein became passionate about giving back to causes he believes in that provide the most benefit to others. As a result, throughout his philanthropic career, David has been involved with the Chelsea Waterside Plaza as well as Madison Square Park. 

Alongside helping those less fortunate acquire what they need in life, David is also passionate about philanthropy through education as well. Throughout his career, David has acquired an impressive amount of knowledge in his industry, and he looks for opportunities to pass that knowledge along to empower professionals further in their careers. One such cause that David Shorenstein fervently supports is Young Jewish Professionals. This national, not-for-profit organization works to provide the next generation of Jewish business leaders with the mentorship and opportunities they need to succeed. 

At Young Jewish Professionals, the aim is to open the doors to up-and-coming and aspiring business and educational leaders to provide those with the drive and determination the mentorship, networking opportunities, and educational experiences necessary to help them grow and develop in their careers. The organization seeks to attract, design, and foster a community for these professionals to innovate and lead, and it also provides a platform for them to do so through sharing bold new ideas. David Shorenstein takes great pride in these causes.

At Young Jewish Professionals, they have divisions in the following industries: real estate, finance, entrepreneurship, media/tech, and fashion, to provide these professionals with the tools they need in each sector. 

Professionally, David serves as Principal at Hildreth Advisors in New York, where he’s been since 2018. As a professional adept at real estate investing – as well as advisory and capital markets – David enjoys the ability to work with tangible assets in a way that other sectors of finance can not. 

David Shorenstein attended Riverdale Country School for college prep and then continued to receive his education at the New York University – Leonard N. Stern School of Business. Here, he studied finance and graduated in 2003 with his Bachelor of Science in Finance. 

Learn more about David Shorenstein’s work and involvement in various philanthropic causes by checking out his blog!

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