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There’s no doubt about it, implementing philanthropy into a business is a sure-fire way to not only give back to the community but provide yourself with positive exposure. However, this option is often not feasible for smaller or medium-sized companies who may be already running on a shoestring budget. So, what can you do about it? The following list includes some of the best ways you can incorporate philanthropy without breaking the bank.


Use What You Have


As stated above, most companies don’t have the funds to sponsor large events or create scholarships. This is why it is so important to look within your company and see what assets you have that you can use to give back. For example, if you have a large warehouse that goes unused during the weekends, you may offer to donate the spot to a local charity. They would greatly benefit from having a large facility to sort their donations through or simply hold meetings in. If you don’t have any space such as a warehouse to offer, you can still offer your office space as a donation center for people to drop items too.


Offer Internships/Mentorships


As a company, you’re going to want to provide your community with something that is long-lasting. What better way to accomplish that than by offering the students of your community valuable experience? Mentorships are incredibly important, and thus you may offer your time to mentor a few students per week. If time is a factor, then offering internships also works. These simple yet cost-effective strategies will no doubt reflect positively on your philanthropic image.


Have Staff Donate Their Time


One of the best ways to present yourself to the community as a company that gives back is to be present at local charity/community events. However, this may not be possible during the work-week as the budget doesn’t allow off-work pay. So, what can you do about this obstacle? One of the best ways to have your team donate their weekend time is to make philanthropy a part of the work culture. When you demonstrate to your office that you’re serious about this, then internal morale increases, and the chances that people will offer their time increase as well.