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Today, more and more companies around the country are taking the right step in promoting and joining philanthropic efforts. Giving back to a community that has given you so much is possibly one of the best things to do as a business owner. However, merely writing a check or holding a food drive once a year can almost make those efforts impossible to promote within your own company. So, what can you do to fix this issue? Strengthen your philanthropic efforts. Therefore, the following list includes some necessary steps to take your charitable efforts to the next level. 

Understand and Define Your “Why”

As stated above, merely writing a check to an organization is excellent. However, that doesn’t do much above just providing funds for a short while. Employees are not engaged nor thrilled because there wasn’t real work involved. However, it might not be that you don’t want to do any work simply that there is no direction in your philanthropic efforts. Therefore, it is crucial to ask yourself why you are supporting a particular group. Your “Why” for supporting organizations that aim to help families devastated by COVID-19 can be because many of those families have relatives working for your company. You can see now that when a “Why” is added, not only is the mission clear but now employees have a reason to participate. 

Collaborate with Other Companies 

What better way to strengthen your philanthropic efforts than by joining forces with another company to make a more significant impact. If you are worried about working with competitors, the best route to take instead is to join forces with a complementary company. This is someone who isn’t a direct competitor but within your industry. Collaborating with other companies allows not only resources to grow but also awareness of the cause you both are pursuing. 

What Resources Can You Offer

Proving funds to a charitable organization is a good thing, but there are ways to strengthen those efforts. One of the best things you can do is to look within your business and see what resources you can offer these charities that can make their work easier and more effective. For example, if your company has a sizeable unused warehouse, you can provide the space for the organization to hold events such as food drives or a place for people in need to come to receive guidance. 

There’s no doubt about it; giving back to your community is a great thing to do with your business, but there is always room for improvement.