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International Charity Day is designed to raise awareness for charities everywhere. This day was created by the United Nations in 2012. The UN realized that a day needed to be set aside to make people aware of the importance of giving. International Charity Day is also important for providing information about various social causes. Here is how you can prepare for International Charity Day in 2020 and beyond.

When does International Charity Day Take Place in 2020?

International Charity Day takes place every year on the 5th of September. Major cities sponsoring events related to this special day will sometimes have activities leading up to the celebration. Most activities and affairs will happen during the morning and afternoon hours. Some cities will have functions that will take place at night.

What do people do for International Charity Day?

Concern Active Citizenship reveals that people generally talk about various causes on social media. They also use this platform to make donations or even collect funds for an issue. Donors also work at charity organizations and they do more philanthropic work on this day. Many cities hold public speaking events that explain various problems and situations that impact people’s lives. They often have public discussions, workshops and other projects that help to figure out ways to resolve an issue.

The U.N. Provides more Insight into Activities for this Day

The U.N. created this observance day and they focus charitable efforts on eliminating poverty, improving education, helping societies to develop, implementing water and/or sanitation into various countries. They also try to help people in various nations to improve their living standards or to receive food. Don’t forget that hunger has always been a big issue across the globe. International Charity Day activities often focus on these issues. The U.N. recommends that event hosts come up with activities and functions that focus on resolving these problems.


Many people focus on volunteering because getting involved proves that a person is committed to resolving a social issue. Many charity organizations want more volunteers. They want people to become a part of the process. They more people that give their time to help change a situation, they will achieve better results. Volunteering for charitable causes are usually very time high on International Charity Day.